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Get involved by joining the Society for Computers and Law. For just £125.00 you can become a member of SCL and have full access to all the articles and podcasts on the web site and the chance to add comments to them, gain up to 12 hours free CPD and receive 6 issues of SCL's 40-page colour magazine, Computers & Law, the leading magazine in its field. You also get special rates at SCL meetings, seminars and conferences and get the chance to share information with those interested in and involved with law and technology. The rate reductions for events and the free CPD make joining a brilliant investment which saves more than it costs. The other benefits of membership ice the cake. Join SCL here.

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Get involved by writing for the leading magazine in its field. Computers & Law is always looking for new writers with opinions and knowledge that can help and educate readers. Being published by SCL not only contributes to the community involved in law and technology but heightens your profile and that of your firm, especially among in-house lawyers reading the magazine and material on the web site. We take learned articles from leading experts, case reports, book reviews and opinion pieces. We want to reflect the issues that matter to those involved with technology and law and we can only do that by having a wide base of contributors. Contact C&L's editor Laurence Eastham at [email protected] with your idea for an article.

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Get involved by adding comments to the web site. The SCL web site allows for comments on articles, news coverage and blog posts. Its value depends on members' contributions – and that includes criticism, clarifications and corrections in the comments box. And remember, SCL members can comment anonymously, so you don't have to produce a learned analysis – a passing thought might help readers. Help bring the site alive and comment today.
As part of a new SCL initiative, feedback from our events is now being posted online. We will only post comments with delegate's permission and there is the option to remain anonymous. Read the comments here

Hosting and Sponsoring an SCL event

If you're interested in hosting or sponsoring an SCL event and would like to find out more about what's involved please click here

For other opportunities to get involved with SCL, perhaps as a speaker or leader of a consultation, contact Caroline Gould at [email protected]

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