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Your views are very important to us

If you have something to say, feedback or you would like to make a suggestion, please contact SCL.  We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of the events that we provide throughout the year.

Here's some of the feedback from recent SCL events:

SCL Junior Lawyers' Group: An Introduction to Outsourcing Agreements

"A really helpful overview/introduction to outsourcing agreements. Great to have three different perspectives."
Georgina Perrott, Trainee Solicitor, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP

"An excellent introductory presentation which covered much of the basics in an easy to understand form."
Craig Lightfoot, Solicitor, Bond DIckinson LLP

"Good range of viewpoints on the topic. It was good to look at it from both non-contentious and contentious persepctives. In-house view was interesting."
Kristian Assiranti, Trainee Solicitor, Osborne Clarke

"Excellent and useful presentations."
Cornelia Harding

Foundations of IT Law: Module 2 - Cycle 2 - "Key Elements of an IT Contract"

"Great presentation and great to have both points of view in the transaction."
Pamela Rodriguez, Legal Counsel, HSBC

"Hugely useful - a comprehensive overview of the main categories of IT contracts that practitioners need to be able to deal with."
Annabelle Gold-Caution, Solicitor, Burges Salmon LLP

"A very good, focused event with very knowledgeable presenters. The practical hints and tips are very useful."
Craig Lightfoot, Solicitor, Bond Dickinson LLP

"All very useful whether as a refresh or new learning points."
Caroline Burt, In house Lawyer, Ageas (UK) Limited

"Speakers very knowledgeable - good overview provided. Would have liked it to be interactive in parts."
Penelope Mills, Associate, Eversheds LLP 

Building Privacy Bridges across the Atlantic and Beyond and Reflections on the Safe Harbour Judgement

"Well informed panel - interesting."
Stewart James, Partner, Ashfords LLP

"Excellent discussion. Very thought-provoking."
Alison Deighton, Partner, TLT LLP

"Very good range of speakers giving interesting perspectives of the issues."
Alison Coomber, Solicitor, Teacher Stern LLP

SCL Annual Lecture 2015: "The Evolution of the Web: from the Wild West to a Brave New World?" to be given by Dame Wendy Hall

"Brilliant - an excellent evening. Great content and speaker."
Stewart James, Partner, Ashfords LLP

"Another excellent event. More like this please."
Gareth Davies, Senior Legal Counsel, Bank of England

"Very interesting and lots of thoughts for the future."
Kathleen Hanna, IT Project & Compliance Administrator, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

"Good sense of perspective on web and history. Very good panel session."
Clive Davies, Senior Counsel, Fujitsu 

Mock appeal of an IT Dispute

"This was a very compelling and realistic way of illustrating how an IT contract would be interpreted by a court and the approach the court would take to the dispute."
Patrick Cadell, Head of Legal, Trustonic Limited

"Entertaining and useful."
B L Miller, Partner, Stone King LLP

"Well thought out, interesting and interactive."
Penelope Mills,
Associate, Eversheds LLP

Cloud Computing for Financial Institutions

"A very timely and informative event."
Dervish Tayyip, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft

"Very useful - especially supplier perspective."
Stephen Reeves, Solicitor, Blake Morgan LLP

Foundations of IT Law: Module 1 - Cycle 2 "Software Licensing Law

"Really interesting - good introduction for basic knowledge."
Natalie Peppi, Lawyer, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP

"All three speakers were very knowledgeable and engaging."
Louisa Brogden, Commercial Counsel, The Rank Group Plc

"Excellent series of sessions; extremely useful and practical insights/introduction. Looking forward to the rest of the series."
Matthew Pack, Associate (Solicitor-Advocate), Bird & Bird LLP 

International Management of Data Protection

"Excellent panel, well out together. Nice balance. Covered a lot of ground in quite a short space of time."
Jonathan Armstrong, Partner, Cordery

"Fantastic speakers and very informative."
Sana Viner, Associate, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP

"Very interesting, practical conversation."
Rosemary Cairns, Solicitor

Embedding KM into the Legal Work Process

"Really useful and practical but also knowledgeable speakers who really showed great experience."
Helena Marshall, Senior Researcher, Watson Farley & Williams

"Excellent and topical."
Janet Scoones, Director of Information and KM, Trowers & Hamlins

SCL Junior Lawyers' Group: A Beginner's Guide to the Digital Marketplace

"Very interesting - good mix of legal and business focus."
Sarah Lampard, NQ, Lewis Silkin LLP

"The Junior Lawyers' Group and 'Beginner's Sessions' are wonderful ideas - inspiring and educational for those just starting out in these areas of law. More please!"
Emma-Jane Tritton, Trainee Solicitor, Richemont

"An excellent first event for the Junior Lawyers' Group! I thought it was interesting, engaging and pitched at the right level. I look forward to the next event."
Natasha Bowyer, Trainee Solicitor, Taylor Vinters LLP

Grappling with Copyright in a Virtual Europe - Today's Issues & Themes in Context

"Very interesting topics covered. Good use of examples/case studies."
Rhiannon Elias, Trainee Solicitor, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP

"Very good seminar. Thanks you."
Rebecca Collard, Associate, Harbottle & Lewis LLP

"I enjoyed the event and found it useful. Good audience engagements and open discussion."
Nick Allan, Associate, Kemp Little LLP

SCL IT Disputes Masterclass: Dispute Resolution Clauses in IT and Outsourcing Contracts

"This was a panel event. lt provided excellent input under good chairmanship/facilitation."
William Hooper, Director, Oareborough Consulting

"Very informative and interesting."
Catherine Newman

SCL IT Contracts Update - Part 2: The In-house Perspective

"Excellent, really useful! I liked the practical angle."
Kate Bernstein, Associate, Bird & Bird LLP

"Very informative and well delivered."
Sam Roberts, Associate, Cooke Young & Keidan LLP

"Excellent. Relevant and thought-provoking."
Tim Roughton
, Partner, Pinsent Masons LLP

"Great content and a good update on the latest case law."
Sarah Williamson, Senior Associate, Boyes Turner

"Great idea to have a practically focused event that looks at day-to-day implementation of the legal issues."
  Jon Bartley, Partner, Pennington Manches LLP

"Really useful and practical,"
Gayle Smith, In-house Lawyer, Wynyard (UK) Limited 

Superintelligence - a godsend, or a doomsday device?" - Monday 2 March 2015

"Excellent event. Nick Bostrom is a fascinating speaker. Very thought-provoking."
Natasha Bowyer, Trainee Solicitor, Taylor Vinters LLP

"Extremely interesting presentation - struck the perfect balance between complexity/detail and providing an introduction to the stories."
Jaani Riordan, Barrister, 8 New Square

"Mind-blowing! Absolutely fascinating and a relevant subject for all. More events like this please."
Grace Hamlett, Solicitor, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP

"Absolutely wonderful. I look forward to more."
Max Windich, Associate, Penningtons Manches LLP

"Fabulous talk - very interesting."
Rebecca Collard, Associate, Harbottle & Lewis LLP

"Fantastic event - a very different angle which provided a lot of food for thought in respect of a very market relevant topic."
Alex Cravero, Commercial Technology Associate, Kemp Little LLP

SCL Annual IT Contracts Update - Monday 9 February 2015

"Very, very informative, relevant and thought provoking."
Grace Hamlett, Solicitor, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co LLP

"A well-prepared, lean, useful, relevant and excellently presented seminar."
Kate Bernstein, Associate, Bird & Bird LLP

"Fascinating talk."
Robert Griffiths, Associate, Penningtons Manches LLP

"Amazing as always. Best SCL seminar of the year - just excellent. Thank you."
Emma Cartwright, Associate, Fasken Martineau LLP

"Really very excellent, as always!"
Paul Jones, Partner, Farrer & Co LLP 

"Excellent as always. Great delivery and content. Thorough and incisive. Exactly what's needed."
Simon Cosgrove 

SCL Annual IT Contracts Update Leeds - Tuesday 3 February 2015

"Very detailed, informative event."
Kirsty Adamson, Solicitor, Watson Burton LLP

"A tour de force."
John Yates, V-Lex

"Fantastic as ever!"
Louise Golden, Associate, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

"A very comprehensive, thought-provoking and engaging presentation. Highly recommended."
Stuart Boath, Trainee Solicitor, Shulmans LLP 

SCL Annual Data Protection Update - Wednesday 28 January 2015

"Another very good and relevant event. Really appreciated the legal update, followed by the practical demonstration of how it is being applied."
  Steve Walmsley, Legal Advisor, Crown Prosecution Service

"Hazel Grant's annual update is invaluable from a DP solicitor's perspective."
Duc Tran, Associate Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

"Good general update and very practical."
Alastair Long, Associate, Boyes Turner LLP

IT Law in Corporate Transactions - Foundations of IT Law: Module 8

"Excellent content and presentation plus the 'war stories' enhanced the content rather well."
Igor Mozolevsky

"Very interesting, well thought out presentations and good speakers. Food for thought!"
Natasha Bowyer,
Trainee Solicitor, Taylor Vinters LLP

"Highly informative; well pitched and enjoyable."
  John Cush, Legal Counsel, Direct Line Insurance Group plc 

SCL Big Data Masterclass - "Big Data & Digital: Competition, consumer protection & other challenges" - Wednesday 17 September 2014

"Particularly insightful and useful. Well-organised and arranged. I learnt a lot! Thank you."
Kate Bernstein, Associate Bird and Bird LLP

"A very thought-provoking seminar. I never knew that 'big data' could be so interesting, particularly around the competition law aspects!"
Christopher Jay, Senior Counsel, Fujitsu Services Ltd

"Good overall approach. Could have included some sector specific regulatory discussion"
Luke Scanlon, Out-Law Consultant, Pinsent Masons LLP

"The session provided a great high-level overview and refresher on Big Data."
Laura Peirson,
Associate, Bristows LLP 

"Cloud Computing" - Foundations of IT Law: Module 6 - Wednesday 10 September 2014

"Excellent event - most useful SCL event I have been to so far."
Natasha Minchella, Solicitor, Drayson Law

"Hearing views from both customer and vendor perspectives was an excellent and a very useful idea."
Igor Mozolevsky, Student

"Covered a wide range of issues with some good practical considerations."
Kim Covil, Director, Arnox IT Ltd

"Great speakers, on topic and relevant."
Robert Griffiths, Associate, Pennington Manches LLP 

"Risk, cyber and computer misuse" - Foundations of IT Law: Module 5 - Wednesday 2 July 2014

"Multi-disciplined approach very useful. More like this please!"
Daniel Hedley, Solicitor, Thomas Eggar LLP

"Very good and informative."
Alison Rea, Associate, Kemp LIttle

"Excellent presentations as usual."
Dorothy Skipp 

Project Management for Lawyers - Wednesday 4 June 2014

"Legal project management - such an important topic, thanks."
Laura Beagrie,
PSL in DR, Stevens and Bolton LLP

Drew Winlaw, Director of Operational Development, Taylor Vinters LLP 

Drafting and Negotiating Outsourcing Contracts - SCL Irish Group Launch  Wednesday 28 May 2014

"Useful and informative."
Thomas Byrne, Bid Manager, Tender Team

"Very interesting discussion - look forward to more specific discussion on "hot topics" eg. impact of data protection directive."
Karen Holmes, Senior Legal Counsel, Websense

"Very useful and practical presentation of the material."
David Shaw
, Operations and IT Director, Cuna Mutual

"Very good and informing intro to the subject."
Terry Leech, Senior Manager, AIB

"Excellent presentations and would attend more."
Charles C Cunningham, Legal Counsel, Hewlett-Packard Ireland Ltd

"Excellent introduction to the topic. Excellent launch for SCL Ireland."
Steven Meighan, Student, King's Inns

"Good broad-based presentations with some nuggets."

"I would certainly attend future SCL events."
Simon Nolan, State Solicitor Higher, Chief State Solicitor's Office

"Great! Welcome to Ireland. Best of luck with this initiative."
Marlene Connolly, Group Counsel, Websense 

Procuring IT Goods and Services - Foundations of IT Law: Module 4:  Wednesday 14 May 2014

"Good practical advice on IT procurement and possible downfalls."
Kim Covil, Director, Arnox IT Ltd

"Really good speakers and interesting contact. Good panel."
Molly Halligan
, Trainee, Wragge Lawrence Graham and Co LLP

"Very good seminar. Well worth attending."
Sam Waymouth, Cyber Security Architect, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Very commercial - unusual for SCL but much appreciated!" 
Kate Keen, IT Finance and Contracts Controller, Charles Taylor plc 

The Future of Payments: Cryptocurrencies and the Law: Tuesday 29 April 2014

"An excellent event and content was very well prepared."
Ariana Issaias, Solicitor, Fladgate LLP

"Interesting introduction to the subject. More info on what constitutes a bitcoin start up and what's a bitcoin exchange."
Kim Walker, Partner, Thomas Eggar

"Very good!"
Sharon Mitchell, Principal, LSS Legal

Outsourcing Law and Practice - Foundations of IT Law: Module 3:  Wednesday 5 March 2014, London

"Another good module full of practical business and commercial considerations."
Kim Covil, Director, Arnox IT Ltd

"Really good hosts and speakers. Very enjoyable and interesting."
Grace Hamlett, Trainee, Wragge & Co LLP

"This was one of the most useful SCL training sessions with three excellent speakers."
Luke Russell, Solicitor, Morgan Cole LLP

"Very informative and well presented."
Susan McGhie Sang, Content Lawyer, Epoq Legal Ltd

"Some really useful information."
Natasha Minchella, Solicitor, Drayson Law Limited

Emma Cartwright, Solicitor, Speechly Bircham LLP

"Very useful discussion of key considerations and emerging trends in outsourcing. Good that this was interactive as this promoted interesting discussion and useful perspective from experience gained over the years."
Mike Reed, Solicitor, Wragge & Co LLP 

Apps Within Law Firms: Tuesday 25 February 2014, London

"An excellent discussion starter, thank you. Fabulous research - it would be very interesting to rerun this event in a year or so to see how things have developed."
Drew Winlaw, Director of Operational Development, Taylor Vinters LLP

"Very practical and helpful. Background research and statistics very interesting and revealing. Format with discussion excellent."

"Very informative - useful tips for app development"
Vicki Gailey, L&D Officer, Bird & Bird LLP 

SCL Annual IT Contracts Update - London:  Tuesday 11 February 2014, London

"An excellent and wide-ranging rundown of relevant current issues."
Patrick Cadell, Head of Legal, Trustonic

"Richard Stephens' eloquent and interesting reduction of 2013's most complex contractual litigation to comprehensible principle was a virtuoso performance. Hogan Lovells' venue and hospitality matched the extremely high quality of the lecture and handout. Unmissable."
John McLinden QC, Field Court Chambers

"Very comprehensive and useful analysis of this area of the law."
Tim Gunn, Legal Editor, Practical Law Company Limited

"Very informative and well presented - thank you to Richard. It would have been interesting to see the more IT specific examples but extremely useful nonetheless."
Caroline Young, Solicitor, Cripps Harries Hall LLP

"Excellent event."
Natasha Minchella, Solicitor, Drayson Law Limited

"Really helpful to have this comprehensive update on tricky areas such as interpretation."
Catriona O'Hanlon, Solicitor, Memery Crystal LLP 

SCL Annual IT Contracts Update - Leeds:  Tuesday 4 February 2014, Leeds

"Excellent and very useful."
Aneeqa Meedin, Solicitor, DAC Beachcroft LLP

Stewart James, Director, Agillex

"Fantastic notes and the speaker really knew his stuff."
Rebecca Addison, Solicitor, Pannone LLP

"Very informative, relevant and useful session. Thanks."
Richard Hugo
, Solicitor, DWF LLP

"Great, thorough and clear." 
James Mort, Associate, Addleshaw Goddard

"Excellent course - very thorough and informative."
Chloe Dockerty, Associate, Eversheds LLP 

SCL Annual Data Protection Update 2014:  Tuesday 28 January 2014, London

"Excellent Update. Useful information - great speakers who summarised the issues well."
Helena Wootton, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP

"Excellent speakers covering data protection hot topics."
Sana Viner, Solicitor, Wragge & Co LLP

"Very informative and relevant update."
M Hinde-Smith, Legal Counsel, Zinc Ahead

"Very interesting."
Nicola Fulford, Partner, Kemp LIttle LLP

"Strong panel, good event."
Amelia Angus, Solicitor, Burges Salmon

Steve Walmsley, Solicitor, CPS 

Termination Clauses and Repudiatory Breach: Contract Law Update: Monday 2 December 2013, London

"Good venue. As always, very thorough by Clive. Useful that he also provided notes"
Mark Culbert, Director, iLaw

"More please!"
Helen Fletcher, Senior Associate, DLA Piper LLP

"Very useful"
Duncan Quinan, Partner, Lewis Silkin LLP

"Very useful and relevant and clear and helpful to have detailed notes"
Helen Rose, Associate, Bristows LLP 

Foundations of IT Law: Module 1 - Software Licensing Law: Monday 25 November 2013, London

"Excellent 'revision' sessions from a junior lawyer perspective."
Tom Brittain, Associate, King & Wood Mallesons

"A wonderful first module for this brand new programme. Raised the bar very high!"
Yoann Le Bihan, Freelance Consultant

"Really relevant for a junior lawyer just starting out. Good to learn more about key issues to be aware of."
Mike Reed, Solicitor, Wragge & Co LLP

"Excellent. Thank you. Just at the right level."
Iain Colville, Senior Associate, Wright Hassall LLP

"Excellent speakers, concise presentations, good coverage of topics. This programme will be a good foundation in IT law topics. That being said, there should be follow up and application of knowledge. In the IT/professional services industry it is common for accreditation programmes to include examinations/certification. I would recommend this approach to ensure that candidates master the topics in an applied manner."
Sam Waymouth, E-Commerce Engineer, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Thoroughly enjoyable and impressive presentations from speakers who were plainly on top of their subjects."
Tim Clark, Partner, Pitmans LLP

"Excellent first module providing a good solid overview of what is a rapidly changing area at the interface between law and IT. I am looking forward to the rest of the programme."
Kim Covil, Director, Arnox IT Limited 

Online Advertising Masterclass: Display, Data, Search and Social: Wednesday 6 November 2013, London

"Very good, thanks."
Daniel Gallagher, Associate, Mayer Brown International LLP

"A very good subject. Pity about the timing."
Kenneth Mullen, Partner, Withers LLP

"Very good."
Prakash Kerai, Associate, DAC Beachcroft Ltd 

Outsourcing Master Class: 'People Problems' - Employment in UK and Global Outsourcing: Wednesday 2 October 2013, London

"All very good and informative. Thank you to the panel."
Tanya Gruneberg, Associate, Ashfords LLP

"Very useful update on UK Tupe - can we have a refresh in the New Year when regulations have changed?"
Geoff Smith, Legal Adviser, Getronics UK

"A lot to get through - could split over more than one session."
Justin Costley, Associate, Bristows

"Very informative and relevant. Thank you."
Michelle Hinde-Smith, Legal Counsel, Zinc Ahead Ltd 

Malicious Hacktivity: Understanding the Threats to Information Security: Thursday 26 September 2013, London

David Rowntree, Solicitor, Kingsley Napley

"Loved it!"
Scott Allardyce, Associate, Bristows 

Cyber Risk: Armageddon in Cyberspace:  Wednesday 25 September 2013, Leeds

"I enjoyed the event. Interesting speakers"
Louise Handley, Partner, 3volution LLP

"Very interesting...but scary!"
Sangeet Kaur Chana, Senior Business Affairs Lawyer, ITV plc 

"Outsourcing Deals: The View from the Other Side:  Tuesday 17 September 2013 - London

"Very instructive!"
Daniel Bould, Associate, Clifford Chance LLP

Excellent presentations and panel discussion"
Daniel Gallagher, Solicitor, Mayer Brown International LLP 

E-Learning vs chalk and talk - Where are we now?: Monday 8 July 2013 - London

"An interesting session good to hear about different uses of this technology and comparisons with classroom training"

"Very useful. Thanks to all the speakers"
Alister Bould, Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons LLP

"I found this session really useful - the variety of speakers and breadth covered was excellent. Great food for thought!"

Back to Basics: IP for IT Lawyers:  Wednesday 26 June 2013 - London

"Amazing - loved it."
Karima Noren, Solicitor, K Legal Solutions Limited

"Very helpful."
Catriona O'Hanlon, Solicitor, Memery Crystal LLP

"Alexander (Alexander Carter-Silk) provided a useful introduction, pitched at the right level.
Jonathan's (Jonathan Cornthwaite) speech was excellent – back to basics, a reminder of the key points and delivered in an engaging style.  Guy (Guy Tritton) was excellent at delving into the detail but slightly out of kilter with the other speakers – more basic for the non-barristers amongst us please!"

Melinder Jhittay, Solicitor, Bates, Wells & Braithwaite London LLP

Perhaps put Jonathan's talk first as it was the most accessible. A very enjoyable event thought - thanks!"

Jeremy Isaacson, Trainee Solicitor, Farrer & Co

"Another excellent event. The only concern was that almost too much info was packed into the time available"
Dan Barry, Associate, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe (Europe) LLP 

Cloud Contracts: Thursday 13 June 2013 - London

"Very useful industry overview session – helps set a context which is useful to navigate giving advice to clients in this area. Perhaps some more direct practical application of the points in questions might be helpful?"
Paul Jones, Partner, Farrer & Co

"Excellent and insightful"
Olly Bale, Head of Legal, Telecity Group UK Ltd

"Very helpful with lots of useful 'new' content"

"Very good material (and well presented) from both speakers; I thought the discussion of 'back to basics' assurances in cloud contracts was particularly well handled (by both speakers). I've read Conor's survey data with interest but thought this wasn't so clear during the presentation itself. Finally, glad to see positive conclusions – ie that CSPs should see certification and high standards as very worthwhile as it does (and will increasingly) matter to customers."
Alan Baker, Solicitor, Farrer & Co 

Cookies - Where are we now?: Monday 13 May 2013 - London

"Excellent event - very interesting and great panel"

"Good update on the current technical, legal and practical position"
Mark Reynolds, Legal Counsel, Barclays Bank PLC

"Very interesting to hear from the ICO. Also to have the European overview"

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