CPD & SCL explained

How SCL training can to contribute to your training requirements

This page explains what the curent CPD requirements regimes require (in outline) and sets out how SCL training can contribute to your training requirements

Training Requirements


The continuing competence regime came into force for all solicitors from 1st November 2016. (It had been a voluntary regime until that date).

From that date solicitors are expected to:

• plan their learning objectives for the year

• record how they have met those objectives

• reflect on what they have learnt

The SRA will not ask for training records to be submitted but expect that such records will be available if a spot check is made.

You will also have to make an annual declaration that you have reflected on your practice and “addressed any identified learning and development needs." A development record described above would help as evidence should any investigation arise.

The SRA has provided a sample development record and plan that you can use (though any format is permissible. Find them and other useful pages describing the new scheme via the links below

Competence Toolkit

Sample development plan & record


The CPD requirements for Established Practitioners changed from 1 January 2017

The need to complete a specified number of hours training fell away, as did any concept of accreditation for course providers.

Instead there is a 4 stage process to undertake

review: prepare a written CPD Plan setting out learning objectives and activities for the year

record: keep a written record of the CPD activities undertaken over the past three years including reflection on the CPD undertaken during that time, variations in plans and an assessment of future learning objectives.

reflect: on planned and completed CPD activities to assess whether they met the stated objectives.

report: declare to the Bar Standards Board annually that you have completed your CPD as part of the authorisation to practise process when renewing a practising certificate. 

Much more is available on the BSB website via the link below. The page also includes links to sample templates for recording activities

Guidance and templates

The CPD requirements for New Practitioners (NPP) are unchanged. Those requirements are set out on the BSB site here

How SCL Training can help

Our training and content can be used to match any of the requirements for the SRA & BSB.

• Our events are presented by leaders in their fields and cover both cutting edge developments and core legal topics. Your attendance is also logged on this site automatically so you can evidence your attendance.

• Our regular podcasts mean you can catch up with many events from the comfort of your own surroundings at a time to suit you.

• Our monthly online courses based on the content of the site easily fulfill any requirements to keep your knowledge of your specialist practice area up to date. Again any courses completed are logged in your training record so the evidence is to hand.

• Our magazine, Computers & Law, plus the other content available on scl.org provide the coverage of news, cases and developments - both technological and legal - that underpin your knowledge of this rapidly changing sector

• Our networking sessions at events and lectures give you the chance to learn and develop more informally by talking to others in the sector, whether they are in private practice, in-house or working in IT 

Taken together, we provide the backbone of content, courses and debate that you can use to maintain and develop your competence whatever branch of the IT law profession you work within.

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