Managing failing IT and outsourcing projects

In a companion piece to their recent article on the reasons for IT project failure, Lee Gluyas and William Hooper review the steps that can be taken to protect a party's position where a project is failing but recovery is being attempted.


Applied Game Theory – the future of IT procurement?

A team from DLA Piper were recently involved in a procurement process where the client decided to use game theory to help them choose a supplier for a large IT project. Here they recount how it worked and offer some tips for anyone else involved in a similar process..


Cyber is a business risk like any other

In our latest cybersecurity post, Peter Yapp explains why Cyber Security Risk should be considered a business risk like any other – not “an IT problem’.


The real-world effects of ‘fake news’ – and how to quantify them

The spread of anti-vaccination misinformation on social media, (and its implications for public health and the global fight against COVID-19) is a textbook example of how misinformation can have serious real world effects particularly while we tackle the virus. In advance of a webinar for SCL in September looking at causation in civil cases, a team of economists and data experts from FTI Consulting explain how social media data, artificial intelligence and traditional statistical analysis can be deployed – together – to examine important questions of causation arising from 'fake news'.


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