The Benefits of Visual Management in Projects

Volker Matz and Rijk Detiger extol the benefits of using physical visual management in complex IT projects and illustrate their thinking with real project examples for design thinking, process optimisation and programme & project management


ExplAIning Artificial Intelligence

Terence Bergin QC and Quentin Tannock look at the importance of explaining AI, outlining recent guidance from Project ExplAIn and discussing explanation related challenges for organisations that deploy AI to process personal data.


Of Liability For Contactless Card Payments And The End of Unilateral Change Clauses: Part 2

In the second of a two part article, Simon Deane-Johns looks at some surprising consequences (if followed) of the Advocate General’s opinion on contactless payments in Denizbank. In Part 1, he set out the facts and why the outcome could be so important. In this second part he looks at the question of whether contactless payments are anonymous and the outlook for unilateral change clauses.


Google v Oracle: the Copyright Case of the Decade

The Google v Oracle software copyright case in the US Supreme Court has been billed as the copyright case of the decade. Chris Kemp, Associate at Kemp IT Law, looks at the issues at stake.


Artificial Intelligence and the Boardroom Risk

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to deliver huge economic rewards. In doing so, however, it creates a new risk profile for businesses to manage. In this article, Matthew Walker and Tom Whittaker explore how those business risks could result in boardroom risks for corporate directors and officers.


The Irish Central Bank Innovation Hub Two Years On

A team from Arthur Cox assess progress at the Irish Central Bank Innovation Hub since its launch two years and what it can tell us about the technology developers are working on now.


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