Corporate Resilience and Continuity

The onset of the coronavirus caught many napping. Some organisations sprang into action and responded effectively. Others are still searching government websites in the hope they will tell them what to do. Many will go out of business. How can you use this crisis to best improve your own corporate resilience? SCL member William Hooper provides some words of wisdom on how to prepare for the next crisis, in both IT and non-IT activities.


Patentability & AI machines: can AI machines be inventors?

Dr Rachel Free looks at three recent refusals to register patent protection for an invention by an AI machine and argues that legislation, not case law, will need to change if similar applications are ever to succeed in the future.


Novel coronavirus spawns novel law-making in Australia

Peter Leonard, a regular contributor from Australia, recounts how the the pandemic has forced the Government there to look at new ways to make the laws regulating their COVID tracing app, a tale that might have lessons for other jurisdictions.


Remote hearings: The new normal?

Leah Grolman recounts her experience of attending remote hearings and wonders whether this method of working could become a standard way of working.


SCL Adjudication (SCLA) Scheme – COVID-19 Update

The SCL Adjudication Scheme (SCLA) provides a cost-effective and speedy procedure for resolving contract disputes. Given the flexible nature of the scheme rules, it is well placed to operate ‘virtually' during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.


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