Predictions 2018 - 2

Gideon Shirazi weighs in with his predictions for 2018

From Gideon Shirazi, barrister at 4 Pump Court

As 2017 draws to a close, it is hard to look back at this year without thinking of the number of large cyber attacks and the slow creep of AI into legal practice. And, with the GDPR shortly coming into force, 2018 is bound to see hacking heat up. My predictions are that 2018 will see these trends continue:

  • The chatbot parking tickets challenger system will be expand into other areas of law… but with much more limited success
  • Uber will face the largest data protection fine ever
  • A mega data breach will bring down a major company
  • The UK Supreme Court will decide that change control clauses do have some effect – but don’t bind
  • Bitcoin prices will crash
  • A FinTech company will go big… and float on the LSE straight into the FTSE250
  • (Sorry, Richard) The launch of the Online Court will be postponed indefinitely

Published: 2017-12-02T10:00:00


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