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SCL Conference Keynotes: Precious Bookends

The SCL Conference on 8 June will feature keynotes that will add real value and do a lot more than prop up the intervening sessions. Laurence Eastham urges you not to neglect them.

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Call to Enthusiasts

Mark O'Conor reaches out to his fellow enthusiasts and seeks their input

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Countdown to GDPR: Call for Contributions

The clock is ticking. We are getting more guidance by the month, but there is still room for lots more clarity. Laurence Eastham is looking to SCL members to add real insight.

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AI and DP

Laurence Eastham offers a guarded welcome to a lengthy discussion paper from the ICO

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SCL Statement on "Cloudbleed"

SCL's website security provider, Cloudflare, has suffered a security bug. The chance that any personal data processed for SCL has been affected is very low. SCL has published a short statement on the issue.

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