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Predictions 2017.2 - Marion Oswald

Not sure if Marion Oswald’s contribution is whimsical or depressing, but it is an irresistible comment on life as we may come to know it

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Predictions Begin - John Yates

It is very nearly December so here is the first in our series of predictions postings. There is still time to submit your predictions. John Yates sets our predictions ball rolling with a constructive warning

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Call for Predictions - 2017 and beyond

I am again looking for contributions for our predictions slot. 2016 has proved that predicting is a mug’s game but you may enjoy playing despite that

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Facebook and Admiral: A Real Cause for Concern

I am confused by the outrage over Admiral’s plan to use analysis of Facebook posts to determine car insurance premiums. I am not convinced it is properly directed.

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Internet Giants and Other Fairy Tales

When I find myself on the verge of defending Google, Facebook and Twitter, I take a deep breath, a strong drink and decide it’s best to sleep on it. That’s what I did yesterday. But I am afraid that, even after a day of sunshine, I still feel the need to come to their defence.

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