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Bulgarian Legal Information Systems

Was the latest case in the European Court of Justice on database right open and shut? Maybe it wasn’t as obvious a breach as it seems at first sight.

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Copyright Smugness

Thoughts on the Government response to the EC’s copyright Green Paper

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Your Profile is Mine, All Mine!

The latest move by Facebook chimes with my dilemma over SCL profiles. Who has legal control over the data?

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Members Views

We want your ideas about the SCL

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What’s IT all about?

Where is the start and finish of IT law and what other issues are of interest to SCL members?

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Trustees' Terabytes

We have finally decided to start a Trustees' blog, about SCL, about being Trustees, about being tech lawyers, about technology in our practices, about what's happening behind (and in front of) the scenes at SCL, and whatever feels important to us from time to time.

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