Law Society issues report on legaltech

The Law Society has collaborated on new research with the University of Manchester and University College London, to find out what legal professional think about embracing new technology at work.

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The Metaverse: Old Problem, New Skins?

Benson Egwuonwu surveys how behaviour can be moderated in the metaverse, both now and in the near future. This is an updated version of a paper delivered at the SCL Policy Forum in December 2022.


EU Data Act finalised

The Data Act is the last horizontal building block of the European Commission's Data Strategy.

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This Week's Techlaw News Round-Up

UK government makes more amendments to Online Safety Bill regarding image-based abuse, CMA publishes its submission to the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill Committee, CMA issues guidance about how Privacy Sandbox tools can be tested, and UK and EU techlaw news not covered elsewhere on the SCL website.

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