Beyond Clementi

Extensive research being carried out by Practical Solutions on behalf of the LSSA has examined a number of aspects of the use of legal IT but its main focus has been on wider issues. Allan Carton shares some of the first impressions and examines the potential impact of the new business structures that will probably soon become possible for delivering legal services – the “Alternative Business Structure” or “ABS”. The results of the research are being presented and discussed in early February at “The Future of Legal Practice” conference.


The Future of IT in Law

The advent of new technology such as digital TV and Personal Communication Devices (PCDs) will change the way law is practised around the world. In the short term, the delivery of current legal services to the end-user will be significantl


The Law on Your Refrigerator

Ivan Darby is Electronic Publishing Director for Butterworths, responsible for Butterworths’ and Tolley's electronic products.


The Courtroom of the Present: Courtroom 21 Project

The title of this article reflects not only a difference from that written by Richard Chapman in the last issue, called `Courtroom of the Future', but also the fact that legal life in the USA is somewhat different from ours here, as


From the Editor’s Chair

This issue is the first to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Society for Computers and Law.


It's the Clients, Stupid!

Charles Christian is a former practising barrister and former SCL council member. He is the publisher of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter and his latest book Legal Practice in the Digital Age was published in November.


Interview with Richard Susskind

Professor Richard Susskind has not only been a major influence on the development of SCL but is an outstandingly influential figure in thinking on and developments in IT and the law.


Information Technology and the Bar in the Third Millennium

James Behrens is a barrister at Serle Court Chambers in Lincoln's Inn, a member of the SCL since 1990, and the Bar representative on theSCL General Council. He first learned to program in the 1970s using Fortran. Hispractice is in commercial and chancery litigation, and he regularly advises incomputer disputes and on data protection law.


Looking Back, Looking Forwards

Sir Brian Neill is a former President and now is Vice-President of SCL. He was Chairman of ITAC from 1985 to 1996. Although now retired as aCourt of Appeal judge, he continues to sit there from time to time and retainsan active role in the propagation of the use of IT in the law. He is a member ofthe Civil Justice IT Strategy Development Group. This is an edited version ofSir Brian's speech at the 25th Anniversary Dinner.


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