Whither FinTech? Whither AI?

In another teaser from the forthcoming issue of Computers & Law, Simon Deane-Johns asks some searching questions about short-term problems and long-term challenges


German File-sharing Defence Undermined in CJEU Judgment

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that the owner of an internet connection used for copyright infringements through file-sharing cannot be exonerated from liability simply by naming a family member who might have had access to that connection. There has to be an effective remedy for owner of the copyright.

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Cracking the Code

In a further preview of our Tech Law Masterclass, here is Rosemary Jay on the role of codes of practice under the Data Protection Act 2018.


The Regulated End of Internet Law, and the Return to Computer and Information Law?

It seemed unfair to hang on to this article from Professor Chris Marsden, another in our Tech Law Masterclass series for the October/November issue, when Internet regulation is such a hot topic. Chris looks back at the Internet’s legal history, with a view to helping us to move forward in an informed manner


When to Conduct DPIAs?

Kuan Hon analyses the EDPB’s first set of consistency opinions on national DPIA lists


A Message about Media

In this, the second ‘teaser’ for the Tech Law Masterclass series of articles which will appear in the October/November issue of Computers & Law, Daithí Mac Síthigh considers approaches to regulation of communications of all kinds, reflecting on lessons from the past – especially lessons about categorisation and how specific regulation should be


In-house Lawyers and Legal Tech

An interesting new report on in-house lawyers’ attitudes to legal tech has been published by Lexis

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