Society for Computers and Law Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 21 April 2021 @ 2.15 pm

When: 21/04/2021

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Date: Wednesday 21 April 2021
Time: 2.15 pm
Venue: Online - a Zoom link will be sent to all attendees

Company No. 1133537
Charity No. 266331

Society for Computers & Law

NOTICE is hereby given that the forty-sixth Annual General Meeting of the above Company will be held at 14.15 hours on Wednesday 21 April 2021 on Zoom, when the following Ordinary Business will be transacted:-


  • Apologies for absence
  • To approve the minutes of the forty-fifth Annual General Meeting held on 11 February 2020
  • To receive and adopt the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2020
  • To appoint new trustees or re-appoint trustees retiring by rotation.

By order of the Trustee Board
Caroline Gould (Company Secretary)
Dated this 22nd day of March 2021

If you have any questions in relation to the AGM please contact Caroline Gould at


A member who is entitled to attend and vote at the above-mentioned meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy, who need not be a member of the company, to attend and vote instead of him or her. The minutes of the forty-fifth Annual General Meeting held on 11 February 2020 and the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2020 can be found in the Company information page of this website.

If you would like to attend the meeting please email  

Caroline Gould
Company Secretary
Society for Computers and Law
Unit 4.5, Paintworks, Arnos Vale, Bristol, BS4 3EH.




Here are the details of the candidates who have been nominated by the present SCL Trustees.

Trustees nominated for re-election:

Patricia Shaw (Trish)
Trish is CEO and Founder of Beyond Reach Consulting Limited, a tech ethics consultancy providing AI and Data ethics strategy, policy, governance, and ethics advisory board services. Her main focus is on Financial services/Fintech, HealthTech, EduTech and Smart Cities. She is currently heavily involved with regulatory affairs, and global standards and certification development in respect of AI ethics.

Trish is a longstanding member of the SCL, since her days as a Trainee Solicitor back in 2001. Starting out her career in a niche IT law firm (v-lex limited founded by SCL Fellow and former Chair, John Yates). Trish moved in-house in 2005, where she spent the next 13 years working for Experian in Nottingham, initially in a Commercial IT, and then subsequently in a Regulatory and Government Affairs role. She is qualified to practice in both in England and Wales, and the Republic of Ireland.

On a personal note, Trish has been happily married for 21 years, is a mother to 3 boys, and lives in North Nottinghamshire.

Trish has been a Trustee since 2019.

The SCL (and all that it stands for) is very much in my DNA. For me, the SCL is not just about providing quality education and training, but also community and support for all who work in the technology and law sector at all stages of their career. This is why I am so passionate about our student initiatives, (including our SCL university ambassadors), and developing our future lawyers particularly in light of the complexity that the cross section between law, technology and society brings. This is something we highlighted at our 2020 SCL Annual Conference on ‘Convergence’ - our first fully digital, online and everywhere, conference which I co-chaired with fellow Trustee Mark Lumley.  

As someone who spent many years in house, I am also pleased to bring that experience to the Trustee Board and to be heading up our In-House Lawyers initiative with Advisory Board Member and SCL Fellow, Chris James, and past Chair and SCL Fellow, Clive Davies. 

Last but by no means least I am not only delighted to be nominated for re-election, but feel extremely honoured to be taking over the mantle from Mark O’Conor as Chair and becoming the first female Chair in the SCL’s almost 50 year history. I believe this is truly a monumental achievement as it reflects the changes we have seen in our profession and the gender balance we are beginning to see filter through in the more niche area of tech. I am looking forward with enthusiasm to continuing my support of SCL HQ and the Board, but now in my capacity as Chair

Sue McLean
Sue is a partner in Baker McKenzie's Technology group and the firm's global tech lead for FinTech and Blockchain. Sue advises clients on technology, sourcing and digital media business models and deals, as well as the legal issues relating to the implementation of new technologies. Sue advises on a wide range of technology matters including outsourcing, digital transformation, technology procurement, development and licensing, m/e-commerce, cloud computing, AI, FinTech, blockchain, social media, data privacy and cybersecurity.

I have been an SCL member for the majority of my 20 years practising technology law and a regular contributor to SCL publications and events. I have really enjoyed getting more heavily involved in the SCL as a trustee. The SCL plays such a vital role in connecting and educating the lawyers in our field. The pace of technology change is as fast as ever and the SCL plays a critical role in helping the sector consider the legal, policy and ethical considerations posed by new technologies. By being elected as a Trustee and Vice Chair of SCL, I am delighted to continue to provide support to SCL, my fellow Trustees and the SCL membership as we navigate the future and continue to be relevant for our members.

Mark O'Conor
During this AGM, Mark will retire as SCL Chair and become SCL Vice President, working closely with the SCL President Professor Richard Susskind, but will remain on the Board of Trustees.  

Mark is a Partner at DLA Piper where he has practiced for over 15 years. Prior to that Mark was a solicitor and partner at Bird & Bird from 1992 to 2004. Mark specialises in commercial technology procurement, acting in both the private and public sector. His main focus has been on the financial services sector, cloud computing and public sector regulated procurement. Mark was the UK Managing Partner for DLA Piper for 3 years.

I am delighted to continue as an SCL Trustee if so elected and honoured to become SCL Vice President. During the most challenging of years, I am proud that we have seen abeen able to provide support for our community when it was needed most. I feel that SCL is really making a difference in terms of the core events and information provided to our membership through our amazing range of events, but also through our affiliations with HMCTS, TechNation, and our increased internationalisation of perspective. In terms of my personal agenda: from a university dissertation in the late 80's on software copyright, through the changes in style of outsourcing from FM to sole source to multi source, taking on board the value for money vs risk challenges in the public sector and now examining the disruptive nature of cloud, IoT and AI, both the 'legal' and 'technology' aspects of our work have held equal interest for me. That said, there is always a need to return to first principles, whether that be the procurement directives, Chitty or the CDPA to ensure that the application of practice hasn't diverged too far from the law. The SCL, through its series of seminars and publications perfectly typifies that balance and is invaluable resource to tech lawyers of all levels of experience. I hope to help continue that approach, and to bring a global dimension to the ongoing discussion.

Matthew Lavy
Matthew is a barrister practising at 4 Pump Court. He has a broad commercial practice, with particular expertise, focus and interest in technology-related disputes. He is regularly acts and advises on IT project failures and delays (involving both mainstream business systems and highly specialised applications such as broadcasting platforms, military technology and safety-critical software), IP licensing disputes, copyright infringement, misuse of confidential information, outsourcing failures, cyber liability, and disputes arising out of telecommunications networks and the internet. He also advises in relation to emerging technologies, such as blockchain and crypto-assets. Many of his instructions concern arbitrations or are otherwise confidential. Cases in which he has acted and that are in the public domain include BSkyB v EDS, Ericsson v EADS, Arqiva v EE, and Fujitsu v IBM.

Prior to coming to the bar, Matthew worked for a time as a software developer (programming in Java, C, C++, Perl, SQL and VB), system administrator (provided technical support to an 800-node computer network) and technical writer (including co-authoring two books on systems administration). Matthew was a founding member of the SCL Junior Lawyers' Group (now the SCL Technology Law Futures Group) and is a member of the SCL Adjudication Scheme Drafting Committee.

Like technology, computer law is constantly evolving; it is a constellation of fields where new, interesting and sometimes difficult issues regularly arise. In such an environment, I believe SCL fulfils an invaluable function as educator, think tank, information network and, above all, community of academics, practitioners and technologists who are interested and involved in computers and law. I have been honoured to serve as a Trustee during which time I have sought to contribute to the Society by (amongst other things) co-chairing annual conferences, taking part in the SCL Tech Law Essentials programme, setting up and participating in the inaugural meeting of the SCL in Singapore, and participating in numerous events. If elected to serve again, I would wish to put further efforts into SCL's international outreach efforts, helping to cement its thought leadership role on the emerging tech law areas, and to help advance the aims of the Society more generally.

Cynthia O'Donoghue
Cynthia leads Reed Smith's UK/EU Tech & Data team. Cynthia specialises in technology, data, cyber security and commercial law. She advises across a wide range of sectors on sourcing and other tech transactions, uses of smart technology, e-commerce, cloud computing. She has a particularly specialty in product counselling for Digital Health solutions.

I am delighted to be nominated for re-election as a Trustee of SCL as the relationship between technology and the law has been both the focus of my career and something that I am very passionate about. Prior to becoming a solicitor I ran a software company and bringing that tech knowledge to law has proved to be a real asset, enabling me to give my clients the most commercial and pragmatic advice possible and to mentor junior lawyers in their understanding of technology. Not only do I like the advice side of law, but I'm also interested in the strategic and policy aspects and have participated in workshops hosted by policy makers, academia, authorities and trade associations/industry organisations, such as the World Economic Forum and the UK Houses of Parliament Industry and Parliament Trust meeting and am a member of the Data Committee for the City of London Law Society and an invited legal advice for the MedTech Europe. I have been a very long term member of SCL, contributed to the Tea & Tech program during lockdown, hosted the Data Protection Form and written for the SCL magazine. By being re-appointed a Trustee, I hope to be able to continue to share my experience and provide support to SCL, my fellow Trustees and to the entire SCL membership.

Toby Crick
Toby Crick is a Partner in the Commercial Technology group at Bristows LLP based in London. Toby's work focuses on software licensing, development and integration projects; outsourcing and telecommunications in a range of sectors including financial services, life sciences and FMCG. Toby spent many years working as part of the in-house legal teams of telecoms, outsourcing and system integration suppliers and has a particular interest in the practical application of new technology in organisations and creating balanced contracts to enable that to happen. Toby lectures at UCL and QMUL on agile software, open source software, tech procurement and outsourcing and from 2010 to 2019 was a member of the SCL's outsourcing committee.

I am really honoured to continue as an SCL Trustee. I have been an active member of the SCL for many years and consider it a key part of my job to share my own knowledge and to gain expertise from others' experience of practicing IT Law. The SCL provides a unique forum for this to happen. Since qualifying in the late 90s, at the start of the first dotcom boom, technological driven change and technology businesses have transformed society and the economy. I consider myself really lucky to have chosen to work as an IT lawyer during this time and to have been able to benefit from the knowledge transfer and networking opportunities afforded by the SCL. Since being appointed a Trustee of the SCL I have really enjoyed the opportunity the role provides to help shape the future of the SCL and influence the practice of IT law. I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow Trustees and the wider membership to prepare for the next wave of technological and regulatory change that the tech world – and the IT law profession – now faces.

New Trustees:

Fernando Barrio
Fernando is Senior Lecturer in Business Law at the School of Business and Management of the Queen Mary University of London and the Academic Lead for Resilience and Sustainability at the Queen Mary Global Policy Institute. He carried out his undergraduate studies in International Relations at the Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Law at the University of London. He has a Masters in International Cooperation Studies (Legal System of International Cooperation) from the Graduate School of International Development of Nagoya University and a Ph.D. in International Cooperation from Nagoya University, Japan, as well as a Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from the London Metropolitan University, a Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and a Postgraduate Certificate in Global Business and Politics from the Yale School of Management. 

Fernando’s scholarship and public engagement experiences are underlined by the global regulation of information technology, intellectual property, human rights and their application to different industries and business. Currently, Fernando is focused on agri-food and agri-business regulation, particularly legal and policy issues of smart farming and biotechnology, climate change and sustainability related business regulatory framework, and community resilience policies. 

He was Japanese Ministry of Education and Science Scholar, the 2007 E. Desmond Lee Visiting Professor for Global Awareness at Webster University, HEA 2008 UK Law Teacher of the Year, and 2012 Rotary Peace Fellow. Before entering full-time academia, he was Technical Advisor to the Governor of Rio Negro Province, Chief of Non Judicial Negotiations at Piatigorsky Lawyers, and was an adjunct member of the faculty at the School of Law and Social Sciences at the Universidad de Belgrano, all in Argentina. 

I am honoured and thrilled to be nominated to become a Trustee of SCL, an organisation that I have hold dear in my more than two decades of engagement with law and technology at global scale. Originally trained in international relations, after a stint as Technical Advisor to the Governor of the Province of Rio Negro in the Argentine Patagonia and Head of Non-Judicial Negotiations of a law firm in Buenos Aires, a move to Japan to pursue a masters and a PhD implied the shift towards studying and analysing the then new technologies, their use in trade and society, and the global and several countries regulatory and legal frameworks. I have had the opportunity to study in depth different aspects of the relationship between law and technology, from jurisdiction to cybercrime, going through privacy and the impact on intellectual property, including the current interest in AI, smart-farming and human rights. I have taught computer law, media law, intellectual property law and e-business law in Argentina, France, Japan, United States and UK, I have given talks, workshops and seminars in more than forty countries, and I have participated in several United Nations, WIPO and governmental fora in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania. I have been member of SCL since I first moved to UK from Japan in 2003, and I have participated in different Society’s activities, as well as contributed to the SCL magazine. By being appointed Trustee, I am hoping to contribute to further the Society’s goals, as well as fostering its international reach and academic activities.

Andy Crystal
Andy is a senior lawyer within Amazon Web Services’ (“AWS”) EMEA Legal team. He advises in relation to cloud technologies, including AWS basic storage and compute Services but also their most advanced Services including artificial intelligence and virtual robotics. He has a particular skill-set in financial services and insurance regulatory requirements for cloud and leads a team of lawyers working on financial services matters including transactions and public policy / regulatory engagements. He is a winner of Amazon Legal’s “Invent and Simplify” global award for technology innovation and process improvements. He was recognised by The Legal 500 as a “Next Generation Lawyer” whilst in private practice.

I am delighted to be nominated for election to the SCL Board. I am passionate about technology and the law and believe the continuous education of legal and technology professionals, academics and students is important, and will become increasingly important, as the pace of technology innovation increases. Working at AWS allows me the fortunate position of both advising on commercial technology transactions but also on strategic and regulatory engagements impacting AWS technology and our customers’ use of it. I participate in technology law workshops, engage with policy makers and national authorities on the use of cloud in the financial services sector, and contribute to the discussion of regulatory regime(s) that may be appropriate in future. I have been a long term member of SCL. I’ve acted as a Mentor to students at SCL’s Technology Law Day and I continue to Mentor under the SCL’s Mentoring Programme. I’ve appeared as a panellist on a SCL careers webinar and contributed to interactive sessions on factors impacting outsourcing. I have also written for the SCL magazine. By being appointed to the SCL Board, I hope to be able to continue to support the SCL, my fellow Board Members and the entire SCL membership.

Shelley Thomas
Shelley is Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President at Bank of America, supporting the Bank’s global Technology and Operations teams and advising on global privacy laws. Prior to joining the Bank, she was Head of Risk and Compliance and In House Counsel for Eversheds LLP, and before that, a partner specialising in commercial, technology and privacy issues at Hill Dickinson LLP. 

I am delighted to be nominated for election as a Trustee of SCL; as a member since qualifying in 2000, member of the In House Lawyers’ Group and a prior Chair of the Northern Group, I am passionate about helping SCL to train and mentor both the current and next generation of lawyers in what I have always believed is the most dynamic and exciting area of law to practise. I value my SCL membership and the networking and training opportunities it brings and want to encourage others to do the same. I particularly want to use my dual experiences of working in both private practice and in-house to help and make it easier for more in-house lawyers to fully engage with SCL and make full use of the benefits of SCL membership.  

Society for Computers and Law A company limited by guarantee 1133537 Registered Charity No. 266331 VAT Registration No. 115 4840 85 Registered in England and Wales Registered office: Unit 4.5, Paintworks, Arnos Vale, Bristol, BS4 3EH.

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