5th Biennial Technology Law Conference - Technology beyond the bounds: enterprise benefits and social and regulatory limits - 18–19 May 2017, São Paulo, Brazil

When: 18-19/05/2017

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A conference presented by the IBA Technology Law Committee, supported by the IBA Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee and the IBA Latin American Regional Forum

18–19 May 2017, Hilton São Paulo Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil

Topics will include:

Current ethical, compliance and legal issues for internet platform providers and users

Digital assets: production, protection and monetising IP

How will medicines in particular and healthcare in general be affected by wearables and the internet of things?

Law enforcement v data protection: cyber risk, cybercrime and cyber security

Net neutrality: a free or open internet?

Online advertising: tracking, targeting and privacy

Robotic autonomous systems: how will they affect society and how will the law need to adapt to this technology?

Will the blockchain lead to a cashless, digitised asset-based society?

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