Media Group

This is the Group Page of the Media Group

Media Group Committee

Ashley Hurst, Partner, Osborne Clarke

Dominic Bray, Partner, Lee & Thompson LLP
Nicola Phillips, Head of Legal, ITV Commercial & Group Marketing, ITV
Sacha Wilson, Partner, Harbottle & Lewis LLP
Lucy Mee, Deputy General Counsel, The Guardian

Function of the Group

To provide thought leadership on the interaction between computers and the media. This includes audio (radio), audio-visual (TV), magazines, newspapers, books, content aggregators, blogs, social media and other forms of UGC.

  • Responding to, and commenting on, law reform proposals.
  • Writing articles, blog posts etc.
  • Sponsoring and hosting events with leading speakers.
  • Identifying new legal issues for the sector.

Sharing knowledge on:

  • The law.
  • Market developments.
  • Business issues affecting the media sector.

Enhancing the SCL's reputation and influence in the media sector; providing 'added value' to SCL members with an interest in this area; and helping to inform the SCL committee on key media developments.

Areas of Interest


  • Format shifting, eg E-Books, Apps, online TV, online content aggregators.
  • New delivery platforms.
  • Social media.
  • Media business models.


  • Communications Act: licensing; EPGs etc

Regulation of Online Content

  • Defamation, misuse of private information, contempt.
  • Regulatory content standards – Ofcom, ATVOD, BBC Trust.
  • Social media issues.


  • The application of UK law to online content.
  • The regulation of online content in other jurisdictions.
  • Enforceability of UK and foreign judgments affecting the media.


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