This Week's Techlaw News Round-up

ICO updates guidance on UK eIDAS, FACT publishes research on the dangers of illegal sports streaming sites and more in this week’s round-up of UK and EU techlaw news developments not covered elsewhere on the SCL website.

UK law

ICO updates guidance on UK eIDAS

The ICO has updated its guidance on the UK eIDAS Regulation. The guidance now explains that the trusted list is an authoritative source of information for qualified trust providers and their services. The ICO has also amended areas of the guidance to confirm that the ICO will be taking responsibility for the trusted list from 1 October 2022. It also describes the impact this may have. A new UK Trusted List page has also been added. It includes a link to the UK trusted list, information about the trusted list and the rules affecting its operation.

FACT publishes research on the dangers of illegal sports streaming sites

FACT, the IP protection organisation, has published research from Opentext Security Solution. It has revealed the extent to which consumers are being exposed to fraud, dangerous scams and explicit content on illegal sports streaming sites. Analysis of fifty popular sites uncovered that every single one contained malicious content, while over 40% of them did not have the necessary security certificate. As well as users being exposed to fraud and dangerous scams, the research revealed that explicit and extreme pop-ups bombarded visitors to the sites. One of the most dangerous threats widely found on illegal streaming sites was banking trojans. The research also found numerous examples of explicit content being hosted or linked to on illegal streaming sites. This explicit content was extreme and a real risk to families who might share devices with children in their households.

UK government makes determinations under National Security and Investment Act 2021

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has made a final order under the National Security and Investment Act 2021 regarding the acquisition of Pulsic Ltd by Super Orange HK Holding Ltd. The government says that the final order is essential and appropriate to mitigate the risk to national security. That risk to national security arises from the application of the intellectual property, knowledge, processes and techniques for the software for the electronic design automation products, to facilitate the building of cutting-edge integrated circuits that could be used in a civilian or military supply chain. However, BEIS has also announced that the government has decided to take no further action on the acquisition of 5.9% shares in BT by Altice. The acquisition, which would increase Altice's stake in BT to 18%, was called in for a full assessment on the grounds of national security in May 2022.

UK announces negotiations for digital trade agreement with Ukraine

The UK and Ukraine have announced their intention to pursue a new digital trade agreement to help Ukraine rebuild its economy and protect livelihoods. The digital trade agreement will aim to support Ukrainian businesses by helping them to trade with the UK more efficiently through technology such as electronic transactions, e-signatures, and e-contracts. It will also aim to make it easier for UK companies to work with Ukrainian businesses and support with their economic recovery. Total trade between the UK and Ukraine was worth £1.9 billion in 2021 and UK exports of digitally delivered services accounted for 73% of all UK services exports to Ukraine in 2020.

Published: 2022-08-26T10:30:00

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