Webinar: SCL Tech Law Essentials: Module 1 "Software Licensing Law"

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Toby Crick, Partner, Bristows LLP
Natalie Ellerby, Managing Associate, Linklaters LLP
Vikram Khurana, Senior Associate, Bristows LLP

All IT lawyers need a thorough understanding of the nature and character of Software Licensing. This is particularly the case as these licences are used in rapidly changing environments. As the IT industry has developed over the last twenty years or more, software licences have had to adapt to reflect the evolving nature of both the technology and associated business models. 

The first session in this module will deal with the conceptual and legal basis of software licensing with particular reference to copyright. It will consider the basis and evolution of copyright and how it operates to protect software including by reference to relevant case law.

The second session will consider the nature and content of software licences, why they are needed, how they operate, and the key negotiating points that typically arise in IT transactions.

The third session will focus on open source software. It will consider the various commonly used open source licences. Analysis will also be provided of particular aspects that merit the attention of IT lawyers, for example risk management in connection with due diligence where open source might be present in assets falling within the scope of the transaction.

The aim of the SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme series is to provide a foundation for lawyers who are qualified practitioners (2- 5 years PQE) who have decided that they want to specialise as IT lawyers. SCL's programme of twelve modules will cover all the key areas of practice in IT law. By taking this programme you can be confident that you will have the know-how and understanding to advise effectively across the whole range of IT law issues.

Published: 2017-09-18T09:00:00

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