SCL Trainee Group webinar: Ransomware; How do you respond?

Stuart Davey, Partner, TMT Disputes, Pinsent Masons LLP, 
Patricia Oon, Trainee Solicitor, Pinsent Masons LLP
Alexandra Bertz, Trainee Solicitor, TMT Disputes, Pinsent Masons LLP

This session will explore what to consider and the steps to follow after a ransomware attack and will include a case workshop where participants will face a ransomware scenario.

In part one of the event, the speakers will cover the following:

  • Anatomy of ransomware
  • Incident response
  • Engagement with threat actor
  • Regulation
  • Data Subject claims

In part two of the event, attendees split into breakout rooms. Groups were given the ransom note, and asked to discuss how they would proceed based on the topics above e.g engagement with the threat actor, as well as further considerations. (Please note: the breakout rooms were not recorded).

They then came back together to give feedback and discuss the different approaches/outcomes.

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation slides

Published: 2021-08-06T12:35:00

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