Open Source - The New Horizon (Webinar course code HW/SFCL36 part of the SCL online CPD scheme - 2.45 hours)

Recorded version of the half day seminar at Olswang Solicitors

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There is little doubt that the software industry has been and continues to be challenged, invigorated and altered by the advent and growth of the open source community. What may once have been seen as a narrow academic exercise is now seen by many as an idea whose time has come.
However, the spread of open source applications is not without its legal challenges and difficulties. This seminar will accordingly consider the essence of open source from both a practical and legal perspective, look at some of the ways in which the relevant issues have been addressed both at home and abroad, and then also consider the ways in which open source can be applied in a commercial environment.

An Overview of Open Source in the Legal Context
• Why open source matters
• the different licensing models for open source
• how open source impact businesses

Shanthini Satyendra, Senior Associate, Norton Rose
Treatment of Open Source in the UK and Abroad
• enforceability of open source licences in the UK and overseas;
• the "viral" nature of open source - truth or myth; [NB.  This could be an areas that Shanthini is going to cover but it is an area that I have quite an interest in]
• status of the SCO vs IBM litigation"

Roger Bickerstaff, Partner, Joint Head of IT Sector Group,
Bird & Bird 
The Commercialisation of Open Source – the Red Hat Perspective

Michael Cunningham, General Counsel, Red Hat Inc, North Carolina 

Published: 2006-03-23T00:00:00

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