IT Disputes - What a transactional lawyer needs to know (Webinar course code HW/SFCL30 part of the SCL online CPD scheme - 2.15 hours)

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CPD Questions - IT Disputes - what a transactitonal lawyer needs to know

Very few cases get anywhere near court and most disputes are settled without proceedings. This means, as a transactional lawyer, you are increasingly involved in helping clients when IT contracts go wrong. But to achieve the best outcome for your client, you need to know all the options available if the contract wrangle cannot be resolved.

Against this background, this half-day seminar will give you a fundamental understanding of the most important things you need to know when advising clients on contracts that are going wrong. It will look at important steps you can take to preserve your client’s position and give tips on how you can use the options open to you to maximum effect. This coverage means that the seminar is also a useful update for litigation lawyers

Mr. Justice Jackson, presiding judge of the Technology and Construction Court, will give the keynote address. A team of leading practitioners will tackle all stages of the pre-litigation phase of disputes, setting out options, identifying pitfalls, and advising on what can be done at the contract drafting stage to make any dispute as painless as possible. With the present resurgence of arbitration in the context of IT disputes, we also take a look at the options available there as well as the suitability of expert determinations.

Published: 2006-09-25T00:00:00

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