Podcast: Corruption 2.0: The Next Problem Technology Must Solve

Podcast of SCL Annual Lecture 2008 given by Professor Lawrence Lessig

Technology policy has never been more critical. Privacy, security and the appropriate balance for copyright are now central policy making challenges, if the economic and social potential of the Internet is to be realized. In this lecture, Professor Lessig builds upon the work of Oxford Professor Jonathan Zittrain to identify a critical dynamic in policy making affecting the Internet, and how technologists have become central to that dynamic.

The threats to privacy, security, and the proper protection for copyright are not technical, but political. The remedies to those threats will not just be political, but in an important sense, also technological. Professor Lessig describes this dynamic, and describe the emerging movement in the United States to address it.

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Published: 2008-04-30T00:00:00

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