SCL Information Governance Conference Podcast - Morning session

The morning session of the SCL Information Governance Conference held on 1 May 2008 with speakers Vincent Geake, Christopher Millard, Tom Ilube and Stephen McCartney (Course code HW/SFCL23 - 3 hours)

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Chair's introduction
David Berry, Charles Russell

Information Flow Management
A non- legal view on how information flows  should be managed
Vincent Geake, Partnerships UK

  • The business need for information sharing
  • Challenge of information security
  • A framework for managing the pre-requisites for information sharing
  • The focus on identity and personal information

Information Governance
Christopher Millard
, Linklaters

  • Why it has become a boardroom focus
  • Understanding the information lifecycle
  • Managing disclosure risks
  • Email and document management hazards
  • Some practical solutions to mitigate risk

Identity Management : Identity Verification
Tom Ilube
, Garlik

  • The growing problem of false online identities
  • The challenge of a world of multiple transient identities
  • A framework of identity verification
  • Introducing a new model of identity verification

Data Sharing/Vires Issues
Stephen McCartney
, Information Commissioner's Office

  • The changing landscape since HMRC
  • The virtuous circle of ICO guidance
  • Privacy impact assessments


Published: 2008-05-01T00:00:00

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