Podcast: Professor Jonathan Zittrain Lecture: The Future of the Internet: Private Sheriffs in Cyberspace - 19 May 2009

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Professor Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Harvard Law School, Co-Founder and Faculty Director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society 

Professor Jonathan Zittrain, author of 'The Future of the Internet And How to Stop It', discusses the ways in which online life will be regulated largely by people and institutions bearing no badges or government affiliation.  He asks, do private sheriffs help avoid cumbersome and ill-considered government intervention, or do they represent a new form of vigilante justice with none of the protections associated with the rule of law?

The Internet, Society and Law Seminar Series. 
This lecture is part of a series organised in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute to provide a platform for leading international scholars to address emerging legal issues concerning the Internet: its use, governance and regulation.

The Internet is raising new questions about legal principles, their implementation and enforcement in cyberspace. Does an understanding of law and the Internet simply require a more technologically sophisticated analysis of traditional legal principles, or is the Internet creating a need for new perspectives on law and regulation?

Published: 2009-06-11T14:12:31

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