Podcast: SCL Annual Lecture 2010: Transformations: Technology, India and the Law - 4 March 2010

Samuel Mani Kallupurakal, Head of Legal at Infosys Technologies gave the SCL Annual Lecture 2010 on 4 March.

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Clive Davies, Senior Counsel, Fujitsu Services Limited, Chair, SCL

Samuel Mani Kallupurakal,
Head of Legal, Infosys Technologies Limited

In this year's lecture Samuel focuses on the challenges that face Indian IT Outsourcing firms when they do business in the UK marketplace, primarily from a legal perspective but also from cultural and business perspectives.   
The lecture reviews, from a working lawyer's perspective, the challenges associated with dealing with a common working language but disparate cultures, recognising that Indian culture is changing rapidly through the adoption of technology. Samuel also identifies the legal and contractual challenges that face Indian lawyers working in the UK outsourcing marketplace on a day to day basis.

Samuel Mani Kallupurakal
holds a BA LLB (Hons) degree from the National Law School of India University and an LLM from the University of Essex.

He is the Head of Legal for Infosys Technologies Limited. As Head of Legal, Samuel has overall responsibility for all legal affairs across all of Infosys' global operations, including those of its subsidiaries.  He manages a team of 35 counsels working across the globe.

Samuel has a particular interest in commercial contracts. He has spent over a decade working on a variety of commercial contracts, primarily in the information technology, business process outsourcing related and telecommunications sectors.

Published: 2010-03-16T12:18:57

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