Podcast: "A Brave New World of Communications Regulation? Thoughts on the future after Leveson" (Related online CPD Course available)

A recording of the 2012 SCL Policy Forum Keynote Speech

Professor Ian Walden
, Professor of Information and Communications Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London.

Chaired by:
Professor Richard Susskind OBE

Download Ian Walden's keynote speech here

The related online CPD course is available here

We may be about to see a revolution in communications regulation. At the very least, we face interesting times, with fudges and unwritten understandings likely to be superseded by harder, clearer and much wider regulation. With Lord Justice Leveson busy digesting the mounds of evidence submitted to him over the past year, and the Government mulling and consulting over its reform of the Communications Act 2003, compelling issues can be evaded no longer. This presentation examines the key issues and speculates about the future shape of communications law and regulation for the next decade and beyond.

Ian Walden is Professor of Information and Communications Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London. Ian is a solicitor and Of Counsel to Baker & McKenzie. He is currently a member of the Press Complaints Commission.  His presentation forms a keynote to the SCL Policy Forum 2012.

Ian's publications include EDI and the Law (1989), Information Technology and the Law (1990), EDI Audit and Control (1993), Cross-border Electronic Banking (2nd ed., 2000), Telecommunications Law Handbook (1997), E-Commerce Law and Practice in Europe (2001), Computer Crimes and Digital Investigations (2007), Media Law and Practice (2009) and Telecommunications Law and Regulation (4th ed., 2012).

Ian has been involved in law reform projects for the World Bank, the European Commission, ITU, UNCTAD, UNECE and the EBRD, as well as for a number of individual states. Ian was awarded a Council of Europe Human Rights Fellowship (1987-88); was a seconded national expert to the European Commission DG-Industry (1995-96); Board Member and Trustee of the Internet Watch Foundation (2004-09) and on the Executive Board of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (2010-12).

Published: 2012-09-24T11:55:19

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