SCL Consultation Survey - "Smart Data: Putting consumers in control of their data and enabling innovation"

The Government's 2018 Consumer Green Paper: ‘modernising consumer markets’, announced that it would launch a Smart Data Review to consider how it can accelerate the development and use of new data-driven technologies and services to improve consumer outcomes.

The review has concluded that there is considerable potential for Smart Data to support better consumer outcomes across consumer markets. The Government is now now consulting on proposals to:

  • enable data driven innovation in consumer markets
  • use data and technology to help vulnerable consumers
  • ensure consumers and their data are protected 

Click here to read the consultation document

SCL would like to respond to the consultation by gathering the views of its members via this questionnaire. This is a very important piece of legislation and therefore we want the SCL response to be as representative of the views of the SCL membership as possible. 

The SCL questionnaire will be online until
5 pm on Tuesday 30 July 2019. Your responses will be used to write up the SCL response based on the contribution to this questionnaire submitted in time for the deadline on 6 August 2019.

Your contributions are valuable and much appreciated.

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