Data Protection Bill Published

September 14, 2017

The Data Protection Bill, promised by the Government in a Statement of Intent issued in August, has been published and received its first reading in the House of Lords yesterday. 

As the Bill mentions in clause 1(2), most processing of personal data is subject to the GDPR. However the Bill runs to 218 pages (including schedules) in seven Parts:

Part 1: preliminary

Part 2: general processing: this supplements the GDPR  but also applies ‘a broadly equivalent regime’ to certain types of processing outside the GDPR’s scope.

Part 3: law enforcement processing 

Part 4: data processing by Intelligence Services

Part 5: the role of the Information Commissioner.

Part 6: enforcement 

Part 7: supplementary provisions such as application to the Crown and to Parliament

The 2nd reading is scheduled for 10th October.

You can keep up to date with the progress through Parliament on the Bill’s dedicated page here. Or sign up for the RSS feed here.

The very useful Explanatory Notes (112 pages) are available here.