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Initial Coin Offerings: A Call for Governance

Initial Coin Offerings: A Call for Governance

Tara Waters and Ian Maywald give a useful insight into the basics of Initial Coin Offerings and explain the need for a best practices framework on which future offerings might be based


Sir Brian Neill – A Tribute

Richard Susskind, the SCL President, offers his tribute to the Rt Hon Sir Brian Neill PC, a former President of SCL


Forgetting What We Never Knew

Laurence Eastham thinks that two pre-trial judgments from the High Court concerning the right to be forgotten lead us towards a strange conundrum

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Video Hearing Pilot

A pilot will test the fully video courtroom with members of the public for the first time.

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Trolling Law Reform?

The government has asked the Law Commission to look at trolling laws

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Irish Data Protection Bill

Alex Towers and John Magee of William Fry offer some highlights from the Bill published on 1 February


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