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Fake News: Striking a Balance between Regulation and Responsibility

Fake News: Striking a Balance between Regulation and Responsibility

Ashley Hurst sets out an approach to fake news that shifts the focus away from some of the more strident ‘calls for action’


Editorial August/September

In an issue dominated by reflections of the stellar June SCL Conference and July’s wonderful Online Courts Hackathon, Laurence Eastham chooses to moan about government incompetence in dealing with the GDPR.


China as the Next Leader in Legal Technology?

Following his recent trip to China, Richard Susskind reflects on the pace of change on legal technology there, sensing a swing of the pendulum and assessing the implications that may have for the legal landscape in the UK and beyond


Smart Contracts: Double-edged Sword

Katie Simmonds and Jonathan Smart explain that smart contracts do not presage the death of lawyers but provide a useful tool for lawyers to exploit


CJEU Declares EU/Canada PNR Agreement Invalid

The Court of Justice of the European Union has declared that the agreement envisaged between the EU and Canada on the transfer of Passenger Name Record data may not be concluded in its current form, stating that several provisions of the draft agreement do not accord with fundamental rights recognised by the EU

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