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Countdown to GDPR: Call for Contributions

Countdown to GDPR: Call for Contributions

The clock is ticking. We are getting more guidance by the month, but there is still room for lots more clarity. Laurence Eastham is looking to SCL members to add real insight


The GDPR and the Parallel Regime

As we prepare for the GDPR, Bob Miller thinks the time is right to remind us of the legal regime that will run in parallel with it and calls on the ICO to practise what it preaches.


Facebook Fined by EU Commission

The EU Commission has fined Facebook €110 million for providing misleading information about its WhatsApp takeover

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SCL Conference Keynotes: Precious Bookends

The SCL Conference on 8 June will feature keynotes that will add real value and do a lot more than prop up the intervening sessions. Laurence Eastham urges you not to neglect them.

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Digital Economy Act 2017 Published

The final version of the Digital Economy Act 2017 has been published online. Some significant provisions come into force on 25 June.

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Online Courts Hackathon

In a new joint initiative from SCL, Legal Geek and the Judiciary of England and Wales, there is to be a Hackathon on 1 and 2 July devoted to online courts and digital justice.

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