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Fake News: Striking a Balance between Regulation and Responsibility

Fake News: Striking a Balance between Regulation and Responsibility

Ashley Hurst sets out an approach to fake news that shifts the focus away from some of the more strident ‘calls for action’


Intel Dodges Massive Fine – for now

The Court of Justice of the European Union has set aside a judgment of the General Court on the Intel fine for breach of competition law

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The Sextech Event: innuendo not included

Sextech is a serious matter. David Chaplin, SCL's Development Editor, highlights some recent articles and looks forward to the forthcoming event.

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Employee Monitoring: Human Rights Judgment

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that, on the particular facts, the monitoring of an employee’s electronic communications amounted to a breach of his right to private life and correspondence

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India: Privacy Judgment

Stephen Mathias reports on a judgment of the Supreme Court of India which held that privacy is a fundamental right


New High Court Judgment on Limited Liability

The High Court has given judgment on preliminary issues affecting terms of a contract for IT services which sought to limit liability. The judge’s views on the limitation of liability clauses might tempt readers to tighten up their drafting.

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Book Review: Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation

Ann Kristin Glenster reviews this companion to the 4th edition of Data Protection Law and Practice which is edited by Rosemary Jay and which was published in February (Sweet and Maxwell, 2017, £165, 447 pp, index 23 pp, ISBN: 9780414061019.



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