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Catch up with our Annual Conference

Catch up with our Annual Conference

Spirit writing, quantum computing, online courts, adtech and more were all analysed at the recent Conference. Read the report and tweets from the day.


The Long Goodbye

Laurence Eastham looks back at almost 25 years working with SCL

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Brexit: EU Communication covering Personal Data

The various EU bodies have issued a ‘Communication’, Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019: a Contingency Action Plan, which inter alia covers personal data

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ICO’s Computer Misuse Act Prosecution

A six-month prison sentence has been imposed on a motor industry employee following the first Computer Misuse Act prosecution by the ICO

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The SCL Sir Brian Neill Lecture

The Inaugural SCL Sir Brian Neill Lecture is to be given by Shannon Salter on ‘Can Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Humanize the Justice System?’

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AVMS Directive Revisions

A new EU Directive amending the Audiovisual Media Services Directive has been agreed

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Telecoms Code: Operators' Entitlement to Survey New Sites

Richard Willcox covers an important decision on the new Electronic Communications Code, which answers the hotly-contested issue of whether landowners can avoid the imposition of telecoms apparatus by preventing operators from undertaking initial suitability surveys.



In his last editorial prior to retirement from SCL work on 16 November, Laurence Eastham reviews his last issue as Editor, offers his thanks and wishes all well


Digital Services Tax

The Chancellor’s announcement of a digital services tax has left many scratching their head as to how it is to work. HMRC has issued an explainer which covers some basic questions

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