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Revelations: The Back To Basics day

Revelations: The Back To Basics day

David Chaplin, SCL Development Editor, reports on the outstanding Back to Basics Tech for Tech Lawyers event held on 19 September


Back to Basics: The Videos

First in a series of Back to Basics videos now published - on scl.org and youTube

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Intervention in Tech Sector Mergers

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published proposals to widen the powers of government to intervene in mergers where national security is in question. Tech sector mergers may be especially affected and the proposals go beyond the obvious.

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Is Europe Moving Away from Protecting Online Platforms?

Nick Aries looks at the current state of play on protection from liability for internet intermediaries in light of the recent EU Commission Communication on measures taken by platforms tackling illegal content online.


Freshers’ Week

SCL Chair Mark O’Conor reflects on a learning experience and asks for help with some forthcoming learning experiences

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