Flying the SCL flag at the Web Summit

November 6, 2017

Mark Lumley, SCL Trustee and I are fortunate to be spending the next 3 days at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Described as the ‘Davos for geeks’ the event has mushroomed since 2009 from a Dublin hotel to a four day jamboree attended by 60,000 techies and thought leaders. It is the kind of event where Al Gore, Francois Hollande and, for some reason I’m yet to fathom, ex Newcastle United idol, David Ginola turn up to speak. I gather opening night is to be kicked off by the UN Secretary General.

A key purpose of the trip is to forge new links for the SCL but we will also report back on what we have learned that we think is of interest to members. 

To that end, we’re going to be experimenting with some novel publishing formats (at least novel for SCL) so don’t be surprised if you find some live streaming and other ephemera appearing on our social media channels over the next day or two.

We’ll also be trialling out a new live curation and comment tool which is embedded on, the fruits of which you will be able to read here. The plan is to use this page to collate some highlights and add a few, hopefully useful, comments of our own. The look is still fairly rudimentary, as it is very much in beta, so any feedback or bug reports would be gratefully received. By the way if you don’t want to have to visit the page to find new posts there’s an RSS feed you can follow here

David Chaplin, SCL Development Editor