Predictions 2019: Waiting for the quantum leap?

January 4, 2019

In a year that is set to be unpredictable in many ways, casting one’s eyes over the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup for 2019 can be a confusing exercise.

In an attempt to escape the looming 29 March 2019 date, and all the questions that date raises, I have trespassed into the quantum and augmented reality worlds.

In order for quantum computers to spring from sci-fi to reality, a quantum leap is needed. In 2019 the race for quantum supremacy will gather speed with a 200 to 400 qubit quantum processor hitting the scene.

Paired with the race for quantum supremacy will be the move to become quantum ready or “quantum safe” as it has been termed. Increasing thought will be given not only to how we get to that highly anticipated quantum leap but global standards on how we integrate quantum computing with other established and emerging technologies.

Augmented reality will continue to impact and redefine the way in which we experience visual art. Not only will AR become increasingly prevalent in museums but it will become increasingly popular in private collections. This will raise interesting questions regarding not only our cultural values in relation to visual art but also legal questions surrounding intellectual property.

rebecca keating 4 pump court

Rebecca Keating is a barrister at 4 Pump Court