Head’s Up! A new look for Computers & Law

February 20, 2019

Later this week (or early next depending on the vagaries of the Royal Mail) a new issue of Computers & Law will hit your desk or land on your doormat. It’s a new compact format with a very different  look so I thought I should show you what to look out for: the front cover is below.

Of course, I hope you like it but would be keen to hear any thoughts and feedback once you have the seen the real thing. It is also a work in progress as we will continue to refine both the look and the content over the coming months.

Keen readers may also have noticed a slight pause since the last issue. We have taken the opportunity of a change of Editor to slightly rejig the schedule. After this issue, we will publish every two months as before so expect issues in April, June, August, October and December. In each issue we aim to bring you up to date with all the news, cases and new law since the last one and continue to publish incisive analysis from our contributors on the current tech law issues. 

If you are a member, don’t forget you will also be able to download the accompanying digital edition for a bit of light offline reading. It will be published on the site by the end of the week. This too has changed as it’s now in PDF complete with bookmarked contents, links to the relevant sources and the search features embedded in your PDF reader.

Finally I cannot let this opportunity slip by without asking for anyone with an idea for an article or contribution (long or short) that I’ll need it by 22nd March to get it into the April issue. Contact me via david.chaplin@scl.org with your thoughts – on the new look or with your ideas.

Comouters & LAw February 2019