DCMS seeks views on their National Data Strategy

June 13, 2019
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has issued a call for evidence on a National Data Strategy. In June 2018, the Secretary of State for the DCMS announced the UK Government’s intention to develop a National Data Strategy, with the aim of unlocking the power of data across government and the wider economy, while building citizen trust in its use.
The aim of the National Data Strategy is to drive the collective vision that will support the UK to build a world-leading data economy. It will help ensure that all citizens and organisations trust the data ecosystem, are sufficiently skilled to operate effectively within it, and can get access to high-quality data when they need it.
The world’s growing digital economy is defined by vastly improved technologies and the increasing use of artificial intelligence underpinned by richer and more granular data.
The government must consider what needs to be done to allow the power of data to be unlocked for all elements of society and the economy. This includes the many ethical questions that arise around the use of data, ensuring the most effective use of data is fair and benefits all citizens.
The key points of the strategy are:
  • To ensure that data is used in a way that people can trust.
  • To ensure that everyone can effectively participate in an increasingly data-driven society.
  • To ensure that all businesses and non-profit organisations can effectively operate in an increasingly data-driven economy.
  • To improve growth and productivity through the effective use of data across the economy.
  • To improve public services and government operations through the effective collection, sharing and use of data.
  • To achieve alignment in government around data, with data shared and used cooperatively wherever appropriate.
The consultation ends on 14 July 2019.