Key Takeaways from the SCL KM Committee event on 18th June 2019 – Data governance, information security and the power of knowledge.

July 10, 2019

A summary of the most important themes from the recent SCL Knowledge Management on 18 June 2019

Key Takeaways

1. Don’t take some of the reports about the need to lock data down at face value without checking how they impact your organisation

2. Legislation and regulation are immovable – the rest is negotiable

3. In the future we need to think more about DATA rather than just the DOCUMENTS

4. Address what you SHOULD (or Must) do with data, before getting to the potential benefits of what you COULD do with data.

5. Ensure you know what security needs to be in place before building or buying new systems

6. Information architecture should always come before artificial intelligence – “don’t chase the system, chase the data”

7. As often, it’s not just about the technology – think about people and change management – changing behaviours is never easy

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