Tech law work is on the rise according to the results of our first SCL Barometer survey which has been published today

October 31, 2019

60% of SCL members are confident that their tech law work will grow over the next 12 months according to the result of our first ever SCL Tech Law Barometer survey published today.

We launched this exciting new initiative earlier this year aimed at trying to define and understand the booming and ever-expanding tech law sector – to take an annual snapshot of SCL activity and the thoughts of our members – with the intention of producing a published resource for members and the wider audience. We also wanted it to be something that could be built upon, becoming more nuanced and insightful, year by year. We are delighted to be able to share the final publication with you.

We put together a set of questions and launched an online survey inviting the membership to take part. The Barometer sought views into a wide range of topics, split over six sections:

1. ‘About You’ covering the sample, gender and regional breakdown 

2. ‘Your Business’ on what drives business and what do clients expect?

3. ‘Tech in Your Business’: are you using AI for example?

4. ‘The In-House View’: is it any different to private practice? 

5. ‘Your training and development’ seeks answers on how you keep up to date and how your firm handles issues such as diversity

6. ‘The Zeitgeist’: looking to the wider world, what do our members think about some of the key questions that are shaping the tech law world such as whether GDPR fines should be capped

The results are fascinating. As previously stated, the majority of respondents are confident that their tech law work will grow in the coming year despite the enormous uncertainty over what impact Brexit will have. Although, 50% are understandably unsure as to what impact Brexit will have when (if) it eventually happens. 

The top 3 drivers of that growth are: data & privacy work (78% of respondents said this would drive business); cybersecurity (59%); and, interestingly, AI (49%).

The report is not just facts and figures. The results of the survey questions are supplemented by comments that flesh out the bare bones of the figures, providing insight that tick box answers cannot provide.

Caroline Gould, SCL CEO, hopes the Barometer will become an important part of the SCL resources: 

“When Maddie Southorn pitched the idea of creating the first SCL Barometer, it was a no-brainer. Such a great idea and I felt sure that we could rely on the SCL membership to understand the importance of getting involved and sharing views and experiences. Thank you to everyone who responded so candidly and enabled SCL to create such a great resource. We hope to build on the success of the first Barometer and produce an annual barometer to help us monitor the health of the tech law community. Maddie has done a brilliant job curating the responses into an impressive final document which we hope you enjoy reading.” 

The 36-page report can be downloaded as a PDF below and shared with colleagues, contacts and anyone you think would find it useful. 

SCL Tech Law Barometer 2019

And keep an eye on the website as we will be publishing the survey for the 2020 Barometer early next year…