Predictions: Who wants to live in Carbon Nanotube Valley?

December 17, 2019

In a year that was spent waiting, it is a pleasant change of pace to look to the future while casting an eye back to the past. In considering the 2020s I am reminded of the technological advances of the Roaring 20s – movies with audio, broadcast radio and the wide spread popularity of the humble pop-up toaster. The 2020s I am sure will herald technological advances that are as lasting and impactful, if not more. 

In the year 2020 I predict an exciting start to the next decade: 

  • The race for quantum supremacy will only intensify. In 2020 I predict that we will hear at least another two declarations of having reached quantum supremacy. Google was just the start. 
  • While we wait for this quantum evolution, classic computing will also have some big news. Carbon Nanotube Chips will move from the realms of quasi science fiction to working reality. Sparking a debate, does Carbon Nanotube Valley have the same ring to it? 
  • The appetite and funding for technology to combat climate change will grow as governments and companies are put under increased pressure to act. I expect we will hear a lot more about making carbon sequestration economically viable. 

Now to see if the 2020s reveals a music era as lasting as the 1920s.