ICO consults on their AI auditing framework draft guidance

February 19, 2020

The ICO has opened up a consultation on its just published draft guidance on the AI Auditing Framework. The guidance sets out advice on how to understand data protection law in relation to artificial intelligence (AI) and recommendations for organisational and technical measures to mitigate the risks AI poses to individuals. It also aims to provide a solid methodology to audit AI applications and ensure they process personal data fairly.

They want the guidance to be “both conceptually sound and applicable to real life situations” hence the call for feedback from those developing and implementing these systems.

They would like to hear from both those in compliance such as data protection officers (DPOs), general counsel and risk managers as well as technology specialists, including machine learning experts, data scientists, developers and cybersecurity and IT risk managers.

Those who responded to their original call for views in March 2019, are encouraged to respond again as since that time the ICO thinking has developed and their approach more practical..

Response is via an online survey and the closing date is 5pm on Wednesday 1 April 2020. They will also be running a webinar on Wednesday 26 February at 2pm when Dr. Reuben Binns our Postdoctoral Research Fellow in AI will discuss both the content of guidance in more detail and next steps in the AI auditing framework project.