SCL ‘Tea and Tech’ – Homeworking Tips with Neil Brown, decoded:legal

March 31, 2020

SCL ‘Tea & Tech’ is a weekly informal get together on Zoom for SCL members and one way we hope to help the community stay connected throughout this challenging time. Each week will feature a guest speaker or a discussion topic and everyone is invited to drop in and chat, share and ask questions.

The first meeting was on the topic of homeworking with Neil Brown, Managing Director of decoded:legal, sharing his tips and experience. Neil’s slides can be downloaded here.


The talk began with the importance of posture and the right chair. Dining chairs with cushions, office chairs, posture chairs and kneeling stools for those with back issues, and fitness balls were all discussed by the attendees. Neil himself prefers to stand and uses a dedicated mat to help with his posture. Someone shared an anecdote of a colleague using an ironing board as an impromptu standing desk! Having your monitor at eye-height was also highlighted.

Stay hydrated 

Drink plenty of water. A soda stream was suggested as a good source of carbonated water.

Stay connected

Most people are having regular calls or catch-ups with their teams using a variety of apps and software: including Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Signal and Bluejeans. Some are having virtual drinks or doing other fun stuff using the Houseparty app.

Zoom tips shared by the group: 

  • connect using your own internet not firm VPN 
  • Press and hold the space bar to temporarily unmute yourself on a call

Novelty backgrounds were generally discouraged although could have been usefully employed by the person who shared that they’d recently had a call with someone who was in the bath. 

Another suggestion from the attendees was to set your email on delayed send so your colleagues and clients aren’t bothered until Monday morning if you work at weekends.


Everyone is making the most of their daily outside exercise allowance with many also tuning in to Joe Wicks morning workouts (particularly recommended for those with children). 

We then rested for 30 seconds.


Some had considered installing a second line but as these use much of the same infrastructure as main lines, this is not always more efficient. One attendee had invested in a 4G SIM & router and another recommended the EE 4G portable hub.

Useful websites:

Future Sessions

The next session is taking place on Wednesday 1 April at 3pm and we’ll be discussing “Coronavirus v data protection: where should we draw the line?” If you’re an SCL member you will have received an email invitation with details of how to join.

If you have ideas for future topics or would like to lead one of our sessions then please get in touch at