SCL Tech Law Barometer 2020

July 9, 2020

The SCL Tech Law Barometer is an annual survey designed to gauge the tech law sector.

We are very pleased to launch the 2020 Barometer survey and invite you to take part so we can build upon the success of last year.

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We created this initiative in 2019 as we wanted to define and understand the booming and ever-expanding sector in which we all work with the aim of providing a published resource for members, national and legal media and others in the legal industry that would become something that could be built upon year by year. We had a fantastic response and the 2019 report provided valuable and fascinating insights into the sector while showcasing the talents and purpose of the SCL to the wider community. Read the 2019 Barometer here.

Those of you who took part in 2019 will see that some of this year’s questions, particularly those relating to your business and training, are familiar. This is deliberate as we want to set some benchmarks that we can track and use to gain understanding as to how the tech law sector is doing under the extreme pressures we face this year.

The survey is not designed to create an exhaustive view of SCL membership but rather a snapshot of your thoughts on some of the current hot topics both in tech law and the tech law sector.

We encourage you to please add comments wherever you can as we would like to use them (with permission and anonymously if preferred) in the final printed report. They help to give context, depth and insight to the questions.

Finally everyone completing the survey will be put into a draw to win free attendance at the SCL Annual Conference which will be taking place online in September 2020.

To qualify for the draw please submit your completed survey by close of business on Friday 21 August 2020.

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Thank you!