October issue of Computers & Law + a call for predictions & more

October 28, 2020

The October issue of Computers & Law, still in digital only format, is available now to download (members log-in required). It is packed as ever with news and views on the latest techlaw developments. We have articles covering safety tech, game theory in negotiations and AI and data protection to name just three. Many thanks to all who have contributed. 

But as soon as one issue has been put to bed, and with thoughts of contributions still fresh, my mind has started planning the end of year issue due in December. Traditionally over Christmas and New Year, scl.org is dominated by your predictions but this year I would like to widen that ambit. The past year has made forecasting a foolhardy venture. If any contributor had last year submitted the following predictions: they would not go to the office for months; the word Zoom would become part of our language; the NHS would release an app that tracks users as they go into a pub; or the Government would be building a customs border between Kent and Sussex from New Year’s Eve, I would probably have spiked them.

So while predictions are still welcome from those brave enough to have a go, the cataclysmic (I think that word is justified) events of 2020 may require that we also reflect on what’s just happened – such reflection is probably part of what will help us survive in this changed world. What have you learnt about working from home? What does that mean for the future of tech, cities and work more widely? What developments have happened of note in your particular area of specialisation? What impact has the pandemic had on your clients and the advice you are giving them? Or anything else you would like to share with your peers and in any format you chose – video, audio, text, cartoon (a touch of humour or satire would not go amiss). Perhaps also some hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months (though not necessarily predictions). 

In what has been a year of change and uncertainty, and with more to come in 2021, it would be wonderful if we could make the December issue something to celebrate by pooling our collective wisdom from the past twelve months. So please send your thoughts to me at david.chaplin@ scl.org and I’ll share them in the run up to what could be the most untraditional holiday season any of us has ever encountered.