A Thank You from Alan Brakefield’s Family

May 6, 2008

Thank you for dedicating the SCL 2008 lecture to Alan’s memory.  We are certain that he would be amazed by the number of warm tributes which have been paid to him.  

We have received several letters from members of the original committee of 1972.   Alan enjoyed a challenge and was thrilled to be amongst those pioneers.   He certainly was not aware his humble efforts would be appreciated by so many almost 35 years later.  

Thank you for the impressive obituary and your genuine sympathy and your great understanding of our loss.   Alan was a devoted husband, a loving father and grandfather and a dear friend of so many.   He will be greatly missed but we have many happy memories and he lived life to the full right up to the end.   The only goal he did not achieve was to be 80!  His birthday is later this month.
Thank you members of SCL for your support and the many letters and cards.   My family and I wish your Society continued success for the next 35 years!
Joyce Brakefield, Hilary and Nigel