New Version of OGC Guidance

May 30, 2008

Version 2.2 of the OGC Model Services Agreement and Guidance is now available on the Partnerships UK website.

Partnerships UK say that Version 2.2 introduces a number of changes and improvements: ‘As well as addressing various commercial issues which have arisen during consultation, we have also sought to improve the contract by revising clauses which commonly cause undue delays to negotiations’.  The Welcome and Development Agenda pages on the site contain links to a table which summarises the changes that have been made in the new version. 

A new page entitled ‘Before You Start’ is designed to be used to provide information and links relevant to the development of an effective ICT Contract.  Currently the page contains information on information assurance and next generation networks .

The new version can be seen here: You will need to register to see this if you have not already done so.