SCL Annual Conference 2022 – Rising Star Impression

October 12, 2022

How is it already over a month since the SCL – Society for Computers and Law conference happened at Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) building in #london!

On the brink of autumn, Alison Berryman and I headed to the #inperson event ready to have our minds blown by the innovative tech solutions and issues encountered by the #legalcommunity

It was a jampacked day, with thought provoking sessions. A few of my faves were:

#ai contracts – a reminder to differentiate between advanced deterministic systems and genuinely non-deterministic systems. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the consultation document on sample clauses by the SCL AI Group Minesh Tanna

#collectiveaction in tech – fantastic commentary here on how consumer and competition law guard against abuse of power by those in strong market positions. I especially enjoyed paul hutchinson giving a break down into quantifying claims: a great tool for sensibly drafting indemnity and liability clauses 

#api and Elon Jet – thinking about the most appropriate way to contract with your users and having clear permitted use cases! William T. White

Of course, special shout out for cake and chat in the coffee breaks (Simon Latham et al! So many names I couldn’t catch). Can’t wait to catch up with the knowledgeable crowd again, what a great #community we’re part of.

Thanks again SCL for offering the Rising Star opportunities – I got a lot out of the experience and I’ll be back!

Read the write-up and check out Jessica’s profile on LinkedIn:

Jessica Clarke is a Solicitor at Stephenson Law.