Free the Law: Statute Law Database Announcement

September 21, 2006

For SCL members desperate for an excuse to open a bottle or eat a cake, there really is a good reason for celebration. The SPO has formally announced that there is to be free public access to the SLD once piloting has been completed.


Phase three of the pilot is due to start in the first week of October when the number of public pilot users will increase to over 100. The SLD Newsletter states:


‘We are also pleased to announce that the website as it stands will be launched free of charge to the public once piloting has been completed.  A commercial strategy will still be developed next year, but will primarily be looking at options that concern the commercial reuse of the data and the development of functionality that will serve the needs of the specialist user.’


Thank Heavens for that. It is easy to say that the alternative was indefensible but it is well worth acknowledging a sensible decision.

Laurence Eastham, the Editor of this site and Computers & Law magazine, has reviewed his experience of using the site for the SCL magazine. For the article, click here.