Society for Computers and Law AI Group launches Artificial Intelligence Contractual Clauses

October 11, 2023

The SCL AI Group are delighted to announce the launch of their Artificial Intelligence Contractual Clauses document.

The development and use of AI will increase significantly over the next few years. AI systems will therefore increasingly become the subject matter of transactional contracts. AI technologies create new and unique risks which will need to be reflected in those contracts. 

The SCL AI Group has created a document (please find a link to the document below) to provide guidance to those involved in the drafting and negotiating of such contracts. The document sets out sample clauses (both “pro-supplier” and “pro-customer”), together with drafting notes, for transactions involving AI systems.

These clauses are for illustrative and educational purposes only, and are not tailored to any specific AI use cases. The clauses are intended to provide guidance on the types of issues that may be helpful to address in AI contracts; they are not intended to, and do not constitute, legal advice. It is recommended that you obtain independent legal advice on contracts involving AI. This document is not to be relied upon. 

None of the SCL (including its members), the contributors to this document or anyone else connected with this project assumes any responsibility or liability for this document or the use of its content and/or clauses.  

The materials are being made available under a creative commons licence which can be adapted and where full attribution shall be made provided liability is wholly excluded.

Please click this link below view and download the SCL AI clauses document.