SCL 50th Anniversary Conference 2023 – Rising Star Impression

November 7, 2023

Victor Gurr, Trainee Solicitor, Gisby Harrison Solicitors was nominated to attend the recent SCL 50th Anniversary Conference on 10 October 2023 as a tech law “rising star”. 

“Rising stars” are invited to record their impressions of the Conference in any form they choose (in previous years these have been event reports, infographs and even poems!). These impressions are then shared on the SCL website.

Victor has captured his perspective on the Conference via a vlog. The video features interviews with attendees as well as Victor’s thoughts on the various sessions and themes of the day and is a fantastic snapshot of this historic SCL event.

Many thanks Victor!

The webinar replay of the SCL 50th Anniversary Conference is available to purchase online. Click here for more details: