Complete the Survey on Outsourcing Contracts Research: Deadline 16 February

February 14, 2007

Professor Mari Sako and her colleagues at the Said Business School at Oxford University are involved in research about aspects of outsourcing contracts. They aim to arrive at a fine-grained understanding of the role of contracts and lawyers in promoting effective outsourcing relationships through a questionnaire survey and interviews. The study will explore a number of issues, including the role of lawyers in the outsourcing lifecycle, the use of SLAs and gain sharing arrangements to structure incentives, built-in mechanisms to adapt the scope of the contract to changing circumstances and the career background and professional identity of the lawyers involved.

To complete the survey, click here.

SCL, with Bill Jones and Richard Stephens taking the lead, has agreed to offer what assistance it can – especially in encouraging members to respond. A full article about the initiative can be read here.