CSG Goes Mountain Climbing

June 4, 2007

News broke on 5 June of another move by the Computer Software Group to widen its share of the legal software market. It announced that it has bought the Mountain Software Group.

Vin Murria, CEO of Computer Software Group commented:
‘As a leading supplier to the legal sector we need to be able to offer our customers the solution choice in all the key sub-sectors; solicitors, barristers and coroners. This acquisition will extend CS Group’s coverage of the solicitors’ market in England and Wales while adding the 25% market share of the solicitors’ market in Scotland. We will also be able to offer a broader solution portfolio to the strong client base that Mountain has established with both barristers and coroners, with over 90% market share’.

Ian Knox, Managing Director of Mountain Software added:
‘This move has given Mountain Software, its clients and staff a secure and exciting future. The CS Group Legal Division has become the largest and most influential player in the legal IT market and we are proud to be on board. The Group’s additional resource and expertise will enhance Mountain Software’ ongoing programme of developing and delivering leading IT solutions to all key sectors in the legal market’.

Laurence Eastham comments: 
After last year’s rapid expansion through the purchase of AIM, Videss and Laserform, this latest acquisition will give CS Group an interesting opportunity to exploit two new markets where Mountain is strong: barristers (where Mountain claims to have over 90%) and the legal market in Scotland (where Mountain has a 25% share).

The Bar is an intriguing market. While at first glance there is not much market share to grab, the Bar has been slow to fully exploit IT and there is room for the market itself to be made much bigger.

No details of purchase price have been released.