Rough Guide to Wikis: The “Do”s

April 7, 2009

A common trap when beginning a wiki project can be described as “I want wikipedia”. Similar to the “give me Google” fallacy that trips up many enterprise search implementations.

Make sure you put the following in action:

Senior level support
Early adopters
Training – deal with the expectation gap created by the “wikis are really easy” brigade
Super users
Understand how your users will interact
Tie in with exisitng systems
Align with known business need – so you can measure success against this objective
Set-up your users early
Respond quickly to people who want to use a space
Technology assessment
Automatic adding of new users ( a “sign me up” link)
Be aware of barriers to entry (such as non-intuitive functionality) and take measures to counter this (see “training” point above) Ian.
Pay attention to the issue of trust. Where trust exists in a community, the success of tools such as wikis will probably be more likely – Ian.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Implement to fill a defined need

Replace an existing intranet
support project activity
enable cross-border collaboration