Fraud Academy

May 19, 2009

A heavy day has been leavened by an e-mail from PwC. They are launching a new Fraud Academy and I have been given the opportunity to be a member. (I’ll leave readers to do their own jokes on that.)

The new Fraud Academy web site is members only. There PwC promise that I will find ‘thought leadership, knowledge, best practice and commentary from experts on matters relating to fraud, corruption and other integrity risks’. I am of course always hungry for ‘thought leadership’.

They sent me my log in details and explained that my password would be sent separately. That’s good security practice – and I would expect no less. After all, we don’t want aspiring fraudsters logging in and using it as if it actually was a training ground for crooks (rather than just sounding like one).

They then sent me my password: Password1. Well, that’s sure to fool the fraudsters!